Arrivederci, democracy - Los Angeles Times.

Evidentemente tutta, ma proprio tutta la stampa straniera รจ comunista.

In questo articolo, infatti, il Los Angeles Times si permette di paragonare l'Italia alla Russia, come non degna di partecipare al G8. Per quale motivo?

  • Can a state ruled by the nation's wealthiest individual, whose scores of private enterprises depend centrally on state favors, be a member of the G-8?
  • Can a state whose leader personally controls all the national television channels legitimately qualify for membership in a club of democracies?
  • Should a state whose leader rewrites laws to save himself and his friends from prosecution on corruption charges pass the test on democracy and the rule of law?
  • Can a state whose leader forces through changes to the constitution to benefit his party before upcoming elections properly sit at the table alongside Britain, France and the U.S.?

By this point, most readers will suspect that the nation referred to in these questions is not Russia? it is Italy.

Los Angeles, patria di giornali comunisti